Faith Touch: Mark 5:21-34

Is this just an interesting story from Jesus’ life or is there a spiritual principle to apply?

Faith is expectation of healing. The bleeding woman expected to be healed if she touched Jesus’ robe. She said, “If I touch even his robe, I will be made well.” She had no fear and no doubts. She wasn’t saying, “If I can touch his robe then maybe I will be healed. I don’t know, but I will try.” This is how we normally pray because we don’t know the will of Jesus Christ. Our faith is not an expectation of healing as this woman demonstrated. Jesus’ (sovereign) will didn’t play any part in this healing. When Jesus said, “Be healed of your disease,” it was an affirmation of her faith and the healing she already received (v.29). It happened because her faith made her well.

She touched Jesus’ robe and felt the healing power in her body. Her faith contacted Jesus and his power flowed into her body. Her faith was like a channel for the flow of Jesus’ healing power. Faith is like a battery cable from a live battery to a dead battery. Jesus was the live battery and she was the dead battery and her faith was the cable.

Jesus felt the power go out of his body and wanted to know who touched him. Jesus said, “Who touched my robe?” The disciples thought that was a strange question. They said, “There’s a large crowd and people are brushing against you. Everyone is touching you!” Jesus knew someone touched him with faith, the expectation of healing. That’s a touch Jesus felt. Jesus always knows when someone touches him with faith and draws out his compassionate power.

Why did she bow before Jesus with fear and trembling? She felt the healing, so maybe the residual power was still coursing through her body and healing her disease. Or maybe she thought she made (Rabbi) Jesus unclean by touching him and he would berate her in front of the crowd. But Jesus’ healing power removed her uncleanness and made her clean.

The compassionate Christ wanted to reassure her of her salvation. “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.” He called her ‘daughter’ and showed his loving compassion for her. She was ‘made well’ both physically and spiritually.

What’s the spiritual principle? Your faith in Jesus Christ will always make you well (save you). Faith is the expectation of being made whole by Christ’s loving and compassionate power. Reach out and touch Jesus today!

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