Apologetics + Kingdom Authority

I have not posted any scriptural insights for a long time. So, I will try to post an insight once a week. I’ve been consumed with understanding my new duties at FCBC. Now a separate English worship service will start.

But here’s something I’ve been thinking and praying about… I think the Holy Spirit is giving me an idea to combine apologetics with the kingdom authority Jesus imparted to his disciples to heal diseases and drive out demons. I am afraid to step out in faith and try it. I have excuses. “What if…” “I’m not holy enough.” “I don’t walk in perfect obedience to the Father like Jesus.”

I can see teaching an apologetic lesson and then demonstrating the authority of the kingdom and Christ’s ascension by praying for sick people. I am ready to do this, but I need a gift of faith.

But then I read Luke 17:5-6. I think Jesus meant use the little faith you have and it will increase.

(See My January 8 post.)

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