Benefits of Anxiety 3

Benefits of Anxiety
I never thought I would say this: “Anxiety is not all bad. It has positive side effects.”
Benefit #3: It drives me to prayer and dependence on my heavenly Father. I know why God will not give me $1 million. I would feel safe and secure and not depend on Father for my daily bread. Even if I gave away half of the $1 million to support world missions, I would use the other half to make my life safe and secure in this world. It is not a sin to be safe and secure unless I seek first the safety and security the world offers and then I seek second God’s kingdom and righteousness.
God will use the anxiety that results from a test or trial to call me to prayer and the dependence on Him I cannot live without. Dependence on myself is an illusion. It is pride that deceives me. It is like Lot who thought he could live independent of his uncle Abram. (See Genesis 13-14.) Lot made a lot of mistakes. Lot began a journey of faith with Abram who was his uncle and ended his life as a drunk in a cave. Lot’s biggest mistake was separation from Abram and God’s blessing upon Abram. The biggest mistake anyone can make is arrogant separation from God.
We may experience a gradual separation from God without even being aware of it. We drift away from God when the wind and currents of the world push and pull us. When we drift too far away anxiety may be the alarm that wakes us up to see and feel our separation. When anxiety drives you to prayer and dependence on God it is a spiritual benefit. It is a blessing.
The house I am renting has a 2-car garage and a driveway with an approximate 5-7% grade or 8–9-degree slope. (This is my guesstimate.) I parked my Hyundai Tucson in the garage but forgot to put it in gear and pull the hand brake. I was at the bottom of the driveway where it meets the street with my motorcycle. I looked up to see my Tucson roll swiftly past me. It missed me and the motorcycle by inches. It rolled across the street and up the neighbor’s driveway. It hit the back of my neighbor’s truck and stopped. I thought the driveway was perfectly level, but it must have an imperceptible slope. My Tucson drifted slowly to the edge of the garage while I rode my motorcycle out of the garage and parked it at the bottom of the driveway. When the rear wheels of my Tucson crossed the edge of the garage and came to the 5-7% grade it was unstoppable until it hit the neighbor’s truck.
The LORD spared my life and angels protected me. If the 3000+ pound Tucson would have hit me and the motorcycle, then I would be dead. I was shocked and anxious. I prayed and thanked God for sparing my life. I realized my dependence on God to protect me when I do not even know I need protection. As far as I know this is the third time God spared my life. Remember Philippians 4:5b-7: “The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

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