Guidance Confirmed by Signs

I am considering how God gives signs to confirm His will. God gave many signs in the Bible. God’s use of signs is meaningful to the people He gives the to. We have been planning to move to Dallas Texas for a while, but I was apprehensive. I wanted to be sure it was really God’s will. When we moved into our rental house my wife told me she has been sleeping peacefully. She considers this a sign from God confirming the move. It is her meaningful sign.

My sign was very different. As I was driving the U-Haul on the M-Bridge over the Mississippi River I turned on the Christian radio station. It was in the middle of the song Egypt by Cory Asbury and the lyrics “You’re the God who fights for me, Lord of every victory, hallelujah. You have torn apart the sea, you have led me through the deep, hallelujah.” I felt the Lord say to me “I have torn apart the Mississippi and led you over its deep to a Promised Land.” (Texas is not THE Promised Land, but many Texans will disagree with me.) The Hebrews crossed the Red Sea to their Promised Land and my family crossed the mighty Mississippi to get to ours. God was going before us. It was the “sign” that was meaningful to me. Here’s my point: When God gives you a sign to confirm His guidance it will be meaningful to you but probably not to other people.

God had given us other confirming signs and I could write more about those.

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