Moses the SJW

When you see an injustice what do you do?

When you see a wrong do you try to make it right?

Moses didn’t like bullies. He stood up for the weak and defenseless. He had a strong desire to right wrongs. He was a spiritual justice warrior. When he saw an injustice he tried to fix it. Read Exodus 2:11-22.

When he saw an Egyptian beating a defenseless Hebrew he killed the Egyptian.

When he saw two Hebrews fighting he decided who was right and who was wrong and confronted the one in the wrong. “And he said to the man in the wrong, ‘Why do you strike your companion?’”

When he saw seven daughters bullied by some male shepherds he intervened and saved them. Then he drew the water for the ladies and their sheep. He didn’t even know who they were but he saved them because he had to right a wrong and defend the weak.

Moses had a passion to fight injustice, but he had forgotten about the oppression of the Hebrews. He didn’t want to go back to Egypt and deal with the injustice of their slavery. Maybe because of the guy who said, “Who made you a prince and a judge over us?” (2:14) Moses had a God-given desire to overcome injustice, but he didn’t want to help ungrateful people and he was afraid of the guy in power – Pharaoh. When the strong and powerful are causing injustice and oppression it is scary to stand up to them. He knew he couldn’t do it himself. Moses suppressed his desire to fight injustice and settled for a comfortable life in the desert for 40 years.

When you see an injustice what do you do? Do you walk away from it or walk toward it in Jesus’ name? Preach the Gospel and walk toward injustice in Jesus’ name.

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