The Value of Unnamed Servants

Read 2 Kings 5. The most important people in this story are the unnamed servants. The servant who is named is the worst.

Naaman, the warrior servant of the King of Syria, had leprosy. He had a valiant heart, but decaying skin. An unnamed Israelite girl served Naaman’s wife (2 Kings 5:1-4). She was probably a young teenager. She had been captured on a raid in Israel. She had been forcefully taken from her family. She was probably lonely and desired to be home with her father and mother, but she served the LORD’s purpose for her life. She witnessed for the LORD.

If she had not been stolen from her family during a raid and taken to Syria to serve Naaman’s wife, then Naaman would never hear about the prophet in Israel, never be healed of leprosy, and never become a believer in the LORD of Israel. The teenage servant girl’s witness led to the salvation of Naaman and probably his whole family. This unnamed servant girl played a key role in this event. Was it the LORD’s will for her to be captured and taken to Syria? Was it the LORD’s will for her to be the vital link between Syria and Israel, and Naaman and Elisha? If the LORD is sovereign over all things then it must have been his purpose. The LORD places unnamed servants wherever he wants them to accomplish his will.

The other important unnamed servants in the story are in Naaman’s entourage. When Naaman’s pride and unmet expectations got in the way of his healing, his humble servants convinced him to follow Elisha’s instructions. Naaman wasn’t even greeted by Elisha. Naaman expected a healing show equal to his status as a valiant warrior. He expected Elisha to wave his hands and command healing of his leprosy in the LORD’s name (5:11). He brought gold and silver and ten sets of clothing to pay for his healing. He thought the rivers in Syria were better than the Jordan. The whole incident was an insult to his pride and he left in a rage. BUT the unnamed servants didn’t fear Naaman’s rage and they convinced him to follow Elisha’s simple instructions. The servants said, “If the prophet told you to do something difficult then you would have done it.  Wash yourself seven times. This is easy, so why not do it? You have nothing to lose except your leprosy.” Naaman followed Elisha’s instructions and was healed. He accepted Israel’s LORD as the one true God. He committed himself to worship only the LORD and not idols. (He asked for one exemption, 5:15-19.) He was healed body and soul.

The worst servant in this story is the named servant who ought to have been the best because he served the prophet. Gehazi was Elisha’s servant and he was a greedy liar. He was cursed with Naaman’s leprosy. The LORD is holy!

The unnamed servants are the heroes in this story. If you feel like an unnamed servant, then know that God knows your name. You are serving when and where God wants you to serve. Stay humble. You are the vital link and witness that the LORD will use for his glory and to lead someone else to salvation.

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